Women, Weightlifting, and Yoga

Yoga and weightlifting are rarely found in the same sentence, let alone practiced in concert, however fitness is changing. Women are seeking ways to become more fit in less time.

All human bodies are meant to bear weight. Simply living on Earth means that we fight gravity on a daily basis. What are the consequences of the human body without gravity? In orbit lower leg bones accustomed to bearing weight begin to atrophy and release calcium back into the body.

By lifting weight, we increase the gravitational pull of the body to the Earth, and by amplifying (with weights) and fighting it (actually making our muscles work to lift the weight), we increase bone density and muscular strength.

According to the Mayo Clinic there are other benefits to weightlifting.  A muscular body burns calories more efficiently. Weightlifting will also boost stamina and manage chronic conditions such as back pain and diabetes. It can improve focus as well.

Yoga has been touted to have the same properties attributed to weightlifting as well as flexibility and balance. So why add weightlifting to your exercise regime if you already practice yoga? Strength of the core powers the body as it moves through sun salutations. If the core becomes exhausted, then the limbs take on too much pressure. These actions repeated continuously lead to an inevitable injury. Weightlifting increases the power of the core and keeps muscles in balance.

Youtube yogis, Candace and Sarah Beth both include weightlifting in their exercise routines to increase their strength and stamina.

Weightlifting routines for women practicing yoga are not currently mainstream. However with weightlifting coaches such as Diane Fu, more women finding weightlifting an efficient workout, as well as acrobatic trends in yoga practice; weightlifting may become a necessary counterpart to yoga.

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