Triangle Pose – Utthita Trikonasana


Utthita (extended, stretched) trikonasana (three angles=trinagle)  – Triangle pose

To do triangle pose with a chair: 1. position chair in the middle of the back of the mat with its back facing the mat. 2. beginning with wide legs in front of the chair, turn one foot out toward the end of the mat (90 degrees). 3. reach arms out to the sides and leaning toward the 90 degree foot place the lower hand on the seat of the chair while the other reaches to the top of the back of the chair 4. push down with lower hand, pull chest open with other hand, lean body back toward chair, take a few breaths 5. continue moving the lower hand down the legs of the chair and pausing to take a few breaths until form becomes compromised

The chair provides just enough support to calm the brain, opens the chest, and leaning back becomes more attainable. If you are working to access the back leg then the chair provides enough support to send your focus in that direction.


Once you have the core strength to be stable in the pose, the block will be your best friend.  As you press into the block, spread across the chest and reach high to the sky… or ceiling as the case may be!

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