Strengthen your Core

Women, especially, need to strengthen and stay in touch with their pelvic floor and core muscles. Childbirth, miraculous though it may be, can rob women of their basic right to choose when they want to urinate. We don’t think twice about this bodily function until the ability to pee or not to pee is taken away… so hold onto this dear yet hidden bit of human strength and learn to engage and work those muscles before it’s too late.
To keep the precious gift of bladder control, let me introduce you to Meghan Currie. Currie is a yogi that does not just talk the yoga talk, she walks the yoga walk in an inspiring, playful way. A video of Currie, early in the morning of 2012 in an airport showcases her strength and flexibility of not only her body, but her spirit. Though I have never met Currie, a glimpse at her website, gives the feel of an exuberant personality behind all her yogic wisdom.
Currie’s beginner core class, easily located on, provides amazing instruction. I’ve practiced using the video twice now and each time I’ve come away with something new and useful to incorporate into my yoga practice. More important than physical guidance of the body, Currie encourages students to savor their practice and wring out the most from each experience.
I wouldn’t classify this video as beginner, but perhaps that depends on what age beginner you are and/or how comfortable in your body’s mechanics you feel.

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