Over, Under, and Around

Did you play this silly kid game as a youngster? One person played the bridge while the other ran over, under, and around. At the time I remember thinking, “This is so easy! Why are we doing this?” Then I looked around the gym and realized many of the kids were not doing it correctly. Perhaps they thought it ridiculously easy as well and made up their own rules, or maybe it was difficult for them… but each person’s experience playing the game was different.
This morning I decided to follow a yoga video on youtube.com that claimed to be all levels as well as slow and plodding. The video actually needed a warning sign: “Flexibility A Must!” Then toward the end of the video the yogi revealed that she was nursing an injury. In that moment of frustration with my ill equipped body, her revelation felt like an insult.
The vinyasa practice, though not heart thumping, felt anything but easy or all levels.  There was nothing beginner, or in some cases, intermediate, about the flow. I was angry.
My #1 yoga rule: Never compare myself to others.
I needed more compassion for myself and for the elegant-limbed girl on the screen.
I felt like the kid who couldn’t do over, under, and around… not able to follow the basic directions… none of my limbs moving where the teacher on screen wanted them to go…. over, under, around.
Her flexible limbs gently swooped across the screen while I fumbled about until I found down dog. I grounded myself, then I breathed deep. I forgave myself for coveting her graceful, easy moving body.
Self love is about accepting flaws. I had just uncovered a bunch of mine at once.

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