Meditation: Do it!

As someone who resisted meditation for many years, I’m writing to tell you it is a must. Once you have practiced regularly you will find that you cannot live without it.
When first practicing meditation your mind may race, it will decide you should be doing a hundred other things rather than sitting, and it will try to trick you into moving. Your body might suddenly itch to move in unexpected ways. But I assure you these thoughts and sensations are all part of the process. If you persist and find the rhythm of your breath, your mind will gain a peace and stability that you never realized that you needed. The stillness of your body will benefit the mind.
Sample meditation practice:
Set a timer for desired length of time. Five minutes is a good start.
Sit in a comfortable seated position on the floor. Sit upright, not stiffly, but with the curves of the spine intact. Let your shoulders descend away from the ears and place your palms up on your knees, or if feeling vulnerable, place palms down. Leave eyes open or closed.
Notice your breath. Follow where it goes in your body.
After one or two normal breaths, slowly pull the breath to the belly, and try to let the breath out at an even slower pace. I like to count how many seconds it takes to breath in and then out. It helps to focus the mind on the breath.
If your mind takes the attention away from the breath, then simply note where your thoughts have gone and move back to the focusing on the breath. This may happen many times. That is fine. No judgment. Just watch.
After timer goes off, slowly bring awareness back to the body. Feel a sense of gratitude for the practice. You are ready to move on with your day!
Anyone can connect with their breath. It just takes persistence and regular practice. A sense of surrender of your body to the ground and your mind to the universe will set you free.

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