Hold Your Inversion

The headstand provides many health benefits. As you lengthen your inversion time (many yogis recommend 10 minutes or more), your body has more time to detoxify, strengthen and de-stress. This is much easier to achieve without the weight of your body pressing on your head and neck.

Anyone who desires to receive the many benefits of practicing headstand but who feels afraid or not able to manage it on their own will love the Headstand Bench.

Experienced practitioners will enjoy the ease of maintaining this relaxed version of a favorite pose. When using the headstander your shoulders rest on a thick cushion, keeping your head off the floor while gently stretching the neck. It is typically used next to a wall to help with balance and make it possible for you to release your arms and completely relax.

However, experienced practitioners who are using it due to neck strain or injury may also move it away from the wall, doing all their favorite leg variations and twists, since the headstander is sturdy and well balanced and has room for your hands.


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