Headstand for the Injured or Fearful


As a beginner yogi I dreaded headstand. We were all expected to at least try and I recall sort of flinging my body at the wall and then wriggling like worm as my mind struggled to process what was going on. For the beginner yogi there is indeed a lot going on for the brain and body to process.
Students with injuries are also processing a lot. Fear of pain and fear of re-injuring the same area or another part of the body are real concerns. For many impaired students the headstand bench can offer a safe alternative.

It is designed to cushion the shoulders and allow the neck freedom. No matter how one lifts their legs into the air, the neck does not become tweaked or compromised because the pressure of the body is not bearing down on the head. Lifting up into headstand with the bench is easy and therefore students feel less anxious or worry about moving upside down.

The headstand bench is best used against a wall to prevent a student from falling backward. Once up, a student can lean against the wall with less detriment to the spine or neck, or perhaps will not even need the wall because balance is easier to attain by pressing down with the hands.

The headstand bench offers an alternative to students with impairments and fear of moving upside down.



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