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1. In the box


Unpacking the box

1 U-Cushion

1 T-Insert

2 legs

1 Brace

4 bolts

4 washers




2.  Insert the front boltsassemble3sq

Flip the U-Cushion with the bottom facing up and the opening toward you.

Place Leg A on the left side with the feet up and the bend pointed toward the center.

Align the holes in Leg A with the bolt holes in the cushion.

Slide a washer on a bolt, and insert the bolt through Leg A, screwing it into the bolt hole in the U-Cushion.

Repeat on the right side with Leg B.


3. Attach the braceassemble8sq

Align the holes in the Brace with the holes at the back of each leg.

The reinforcing square tube attached to the brace should be placed down, against the U-Cushion.

Slide a washer on each bolt, insert through the hole in each leg and screw the bolts into the bolt holes.



4. Tighten boltsassemble9sq

Make sure that each of the 4 bolts is screwed in very tightly.







assemble15sq5. Ready!