Getting Past Your Yoga Injury

We always discuss the healing benefits of yoga, but rarely mention the inevitable injury. You may push something too hard, work the same muscles too frequently, or discover the pose that you thought you totally rocked actually placed too much pressure on your knee… sadly the possibilities for injuries are endless.  I hope it does not happen to you my friend, but if it does, I have some advice. Personal experience speaking here…
1. Honor your practice. Whether you practiced an hour every morning or once a week, spend that time understanding your injury, meditating, and reading about yoga. (Did you know there are eight limbs of yoga?) Read The Bhaghavad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Patajanali, or Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar.
2. Listen to your body. Continue to move what you can, if you can, mindfully. Don’t move too fast or too soon. An amazing aspect about the body is that it heals itself. This is the stuff of sci-fi. How cool is it to be made a self-healing flesh? The body knows what it needs to heal. Allow it to do that.
3. Eat nourishing food. Your body needs nutrients to keep the body on a healthy track.
4. Accept that you are human. Injuries can happen to anyone. Be kind to yourself. Look inside and find some softness. It can be frustrating when the body won’t move in familiar ways. Understand how the injury came about… then move on.
5. Be grateful for your injury. You just learned something new about yourself. This injury is here to teach you about you.
Best of luck getting through this tough time…

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