Foam Roller

If you have not yet used a foam roller then please, jet on over to Amazon and get thee one immediately!  The foam roller aids in both releasing muscle and fascia and provides an amazing massage without a hefty price tag. If you are looking for a calming way to warm up, feeling sore from previous exercise, or need a cool down, the roller is the perfect tool.
As with any product, there are a variety of foam rollers on the market. You might want to start out with the basic version. I’ve been using this one, a bit bumpier than the traditional, but super effective.
I found Lauren Roxborough’s leg sequence instruction on Goop to be an excellent guide when I started using the roller, and I continue to use her technique.
Yoga International has a couple of videos that use the foam roller: the ten-minute self massage and an hour long video, Yoga for Athletes that is well worth an hour of time if you have it.
Looking for some more information on the foam roller?

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