Challenge Your Core and Leg Muscles

Some days I’m convinced I have it together… that my body is super strong, that I can tackle any exercise and rock it… and then I do Mary Helen Bower’s Ballet Beautiful Body Blast for legs and I realize I know nothing. The DVD has four 15 minute exercises, two of which will kill your leg muscles, and find you glaring at Mary Helen Bower while you sit back gawking at how her legs move like arms.
But maybe you’re more grown up than me and instead you will persist through the pain and realize that not only are these amazing toning exercises… but also that the strength you will gain in your core and glutes is beyond what you thought possible.
The DVD has the option to either listen to Bower’s instruction, or go without. While she does not provide a lot of direction on form, she does count the sets until you can stop the pain… which is good and bad, especially when her voice is perky and I feel as though my butt and legs may explode. You be the judge…

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