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Yoga Chair News

Senior Intermediate Iyengar yoga teacher Carrie Owerko has announced an upcoming series of videos based on her “combinatory play” with the chair. Her blog post A Chair is Not A Chair – How I Learned to Engage in Combinatory Play, provides some details.

Triangle Pose – Utthita Trikonasana

Utthita (extended, stretched) trikonasana (three angles=trinagle)  – Triangle pose To do triangle pose with a chair: 1. position chair in the middle of the back of the mat with its back facing the mat. 2. beginning with wide legs in front of the chair, turn one foot

Why I’m Separating Cardio and Yoga

Ten minutes into the cardio yoga video I hit pause. My form had quickly disintegrated. Past injuries tugged at my left hamstring and my right wrist. It was time to admit my limits. As I turned off the video I questioned whether moving quickly through sun salutations

How to Use the Yoga Chair

If you want to create more space and length in your body then a yoga chair can be the perfect assistant. A yoga chair is typically a metal folding chair with the back removed to create extra space for the body. Difficult poses like upward facing dog

Getting Past Your Yoga Injury

We always discuss the healing benefits of yoga, but rarely mention the inevitable injury. You may push something too hard, work the same muscles too frequently, or discover the pose that you thought you totally rocked actually placed too much pressure on your knee… sadly the possibilities