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Chair Yoga on Youtube

If you are seeking ways to use your yoga chair, this sequence from Olga will provide excellent instruction on use of the hips during asana. Beginners to experienced yogis will find this practice thoughtful and strengthening. Thank you Olga for an amazing practice!  

Sit a lot? Need better posture?

By far this is one of the best YouTube videos I have found to improve spinal alignment and posture… Yoga with Olga – Improve Your Posture

Why I’m Separating Cardio and Yoga

Ten minutes into the cardio yoga video I hit pause. My form had quickly disintegrated. Past injuries tugged at my left hamstring and my right wrist. It was time to admit my limits. As I turned off the video I questioned whether moving quickly through sun salutations

How to Use the Yoga Chair

If you want to create more space and length in your body then a yoga chair can be the perfect assistant. A yoga chair is typically a metal folding chair with the back removed to create extra space for the body. Difficult poses like upward facing dog

How to Start a Daily Home Yoga Practice

Starting a daily yoga practice can be daunting. But here are some useful tips to help you make it to the mat each day. How much time do you spend on yoga currently? Be grateful for any amount of time you invest in it, because while electronic

Challenge Your Core and Leg Muscles

Some days I’m convinced I have it together… that my body is super strong, that I can tackle any exercise and rock it… and then I do Mary Helen Bower’s Ballet Beautiful Body Blast for legs and I realize I know nothing. The DVD has four 15

Foam Roller

If you have not yet used a foam roller then please, jet on over to Amazon and get thee one immediately!  The foam roller aids in both releasing muscle and fascia and provides an amazing massage without a hefty price tag. If you are looking for a

Strengthen your Core

Women, especially, need to strengthen and stay in touch with their pelvic floor and core muscles. Childbirth, miraculous though it may be, can rob women of their basic right to choose when they want to urinate. We don’t think twice about this bodily function until the ability

Over, Under, and Around

Did you play this silly kid game as a youngster? One person played the bridge while the other ran over, under, and around. At the time I remember thinking, “This is so easy! Why are we doing this?” Then I looked around the gym and realized many

Women, Weightlifting, and Yoga

Yoga and weightlifting are rarely found in the same sentence, let alone practiced in concert, however fitness is changing. Women are seeking ways to become more fit in less time. All human bodies are meant to bear weight. Simply living on Earth means that we fight gravity