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Hold Your Inversion

The headstand provides many health benefits. As you lengthen your inversion time (many yogis recommend 10 minutes or more), your body has more time to detoxify, strengthen and de-stress. This is much easier to achieve without the weight of your body pressing on your head and neck.

Camel Pose – Ustrasana

     Ustrasana/camel pose is one of those poses that I have always dreaded. Of course the most challenging poses are the ones that teach us the most. For a person who had rounded shoulders, a rounded back, and weak legs, this pose felt like a sort

Triangle Pose – Utthita Trikonasana

Utthita (extended, stretched) trikonasana (three angles=trinagle)  – Triangle pose To do triangle pose with a chair: 1. position chair in the middle of the back of the mat with its back facing the mat. 2. beginning with wide legs in front of the chair, turn one foot

Yoga. Creator of Joy?

I have a tendency to take everything a bit too seriously.. including my yoga practice. So in the middle of class when a yoga instructor encouraged everyone to smile… “to show the joy we feel as we practice,” I thought she was crazy. Smiling seemed incompatible with