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Chair Yoga on Youtube

If you are seeking ways to use your yoga chair, this sequence from Olga will provide excellent instruction on use of the hips during asana. Beginners to experienced yogis will find this practice thoughtful and strengthening. Thank you Olga for an amazing practice!  

10 Reasons to Do a Headstand Every Day

10. Relieve stress In Yoga, headstands are aptly classified as an “inversion”, both in the literal sense of inverting your body, and in the spiritual sense of turning your attention inwards. Headstand helps you to draw your attention inwards and is extremely helpful if you are having anxiety,

Camel Pose – Ustrasana

     Ustrasana/camel pose is one of those poses that I have always dreaded. Of course the most challenging poses are the ones that teach us the most. For a person who had rounded shoulders, a rounded back, and weak legs, this pose felt like a sort