Start with our classic prop for Iyengar yoga, used to aid rotation in seated twists, for support in backbends, in viparita karani and many other asanas. Chairs fold flat for easy storage and have durable non-marking feet.


The Backbend extension was developed to be used in conjunction with the Ananda WHITE Backless Yoga Chair for supported backbends or Viparitta Dandasana.





It is well suited to those wishing to do a supported or restorative backbend practice or for preliminary chest openers in a stronger backbend sequence.





The combination of chair and backbender mimicks the support offered by the classic Iyengar prop, the whale or backbend bench but at a more economical price.






The Ananda Back Arch has many more applications including used alone for supported Matsyasana and as a back suport against a wall for sitting poses and Pranayama




Easy to use and stackable, the backbend extension is more versatile than the traditional backbend bench as its feet can be raised to soften the curve for less flexible students.







It can also be used for supported Supta Virasana, the student sitting in front of the chair and reclining.




Freestanding, the extension can be used for Matsyasana type poses for which it is much better suited than the commonly used block.


The extension is available at a small fraction of the cost of a backbend bench.