A Safe and Stable Headstand

hb15sqThe Balanced Body Headstand Bench gives beginners the confidence to raise their feet skywards and reap the benefits of sirsasana. More experienced practitioners can challenge themselves and have fun with new versions of inversions beyond their previous practice.

The Headstand Bench is great for doing headstands with no neck strain and can really free you up to have fun with variations.  It is a unique and wonderful tool for making stress free inversions possible.

The shoulder pads press your shoulder muscles. This pressure releases chronic tension from the muscles of your neck, shoulders, and skull, and can relieve headaches caused by shoulder and neck spasms.

hb3sqIts ample padding supports a headstand, relieving vertebrae and disk compression while increasing circulation; its sturdy handles help you maintain your balance.

Because weight is carried on the shoulders, with no neck compression or no pressure on the head, the Headstand Bench can be very helpful to those recovering from injuries, such as to the back, shoulder or the rotator cuff. A good example is here.



The Balanced Body makes doing a headstand Safe, Fun and Easy. Try it now!

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